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When it comes to the best roofing company in Phoenix, locals need to look no further than Legacy Roof Repair Phoenix. For years we have diligently served the Sun City area, providing roof repairs that Phoenix residents know and trust.  Our eye for ingenious craftsmanship paired with our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. We service the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, assisting homeowners and businesses everywhere from Chandler to Scottsdale and Mesa to Phoenix.  When it comes to Phoenix roofing repairs, no one does it quite like Legacy!

Roof Repair Phoenix

Legacy employs multiple teams of professional Phoenix roofers that are here to serve business and homeowners alike. No job is too complex for our team to undertake, and we offer a myriad of services designed to fully optimize your roof. We operate from a safety-first business model because we value the security of our team members and clients. All of our employees undergo annual training seminars to stay up to date on industry technology and constantly bring new techniques to the worksite. Our crews are licensed and insured for our clients safety.





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Phoenix Roof Repair

Shortly after our inception, we became a driving force in our community, providing emergency roof repair that locals have consistently trusted for immaculate service. What sets us apart is our dedication to customer satisfaction and our consistent desire to build a rapport with our clients. Legacy works diligently to ensure our clients receive quality roofing that reflects their distinct vision. Our team members are all certified and trained to bring safety and efficiency to all of our Phoenix roofing projects. While we at Legacy are revered for our rapid turnaround times, we never compromise quality. Our attention to detail and determination to please our customers is what sets us apart from other Phoenix roofing companies.

Roof Repairs Phoenix

Legacy can dispatch a qualified roofing crew to nearly any home or business in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Over the years, we have worked hard to establish a reputation predicated on both our talents and our elite craftsmanship. Our adherence to excellence is what led us to become the best roofers in Phoenix and Mesa. Call us today for more information about Phoenix roof repairs in your area.



We pride ourselves on being a “one-stop contractor” in the roofing industry. Our fully qualified staff is here to assist you, and we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction!


We are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.


Customer service is key, no matter what time – day or night. We’re here for you. How can we help you?


We specialize in saving you money with affordable roof repairs, extending the life of your roof in the process.


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All of our specialists are bonded and insured. Other roofing companies in Phoenix, AZ, may cut corners in an attempt to bypass regulations and “save you a few dollars” to earn your business. Rest assured that when you call Legacy, you will get an expert Phoenix roof inspector that understands the imperative nature of prioritizing safety while still offering competitive pricing. Our primary goal is to bring unparalleled roof repair to our clients at a competitive price point.

In recent years, we have experienced an uptick in commercial flat roof repair requests. This is a service that we confidently provide for our customers. We are equipped to provide comprehensive commercial flat roof repair at a competitive price-point.

For our clients’ and our technicians’ safety, we ask that you leave the inspection to the professionals. Our roof repair specialists know how to navigate a roof and possible damage points safely. Please don’t risk it. Let our crew take care of your inspection!


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Roof Replacement

When assessing roofing companies in Phoenix AZ, businesses and residents will be pleased to see the list of our comprehensive services. We are your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of services from roof repair to roof inspection for commercial roofs and residential roofs. Legacy also proudly provides a wide variety of roof installations. Our specialists can work with various unique materials, including wood, tile, or metal shingles. We work with every customer to determine which roofing style fits their needs best!

Emergency Roof Repair

For those who need it, Legacy offers 24/7 emergency service for those unexpected mishaps. We know how much stress an emergency roof leak repair can cause, and we are here to ease your mind. Oftentimes storms and water damage are the culprits for the bulk of unexpected leaks, but years of wear and tear can also break down the quality of your roof. Our specialists are trained to identify water spots, granules, damaged shingles, and more roof ailments. Subsequently, we can install preventative measures to secure your roof against potential damage further. We’ll have your roof strengthened and repaired in no time.

Over time, roofs will naturally erode due to a series of different catalysts. With that in mind, it is a rare occasion that a roof needs to be completely replaced. Legacy will dispatch an experienced technician to your home to develop a solution to your problem with cost-effectiveness in mind. When we get a crew of our Phoenix roof repair specialists out to your property, we get your roof repaired with precision and efficiency.

When it comes to Phoenix roofing, residents and businesses can enlist Legacy for their projects, knowing that they are getting premier services for competitive prices. Our team of experts is certified to work on all different kinds of roofs. Our roof repair experts are proud to offer our services to a variety of commercial and residential properties.

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Legacy Roof Repair’s long-term goal is to grow across the nation, providing Americans with top-notch service. We treat each Phoenix roofing repair project as a unique opportunity to showcase our professionalism and excellent work. We strongly believe in working with local vendors as often as possible. We ethically outsource our labor and materials and believe in lessening our environmental impact through innovation. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, setting us apart from other roofing companies in Phoenix AZ. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount, and as a result, no project is completed until our customers are content. We are always looking to improve communication with our clients to serve them better. Because of our mutual loyalty to our customers, we remain the best roofing company in Phoenix.

When choosing your Phoenix roofing expert, we strongly believe in the importance of customer reviews. We at Legacy are immensely proud of our reputation that has been upheld by referrals and word of mouth. As we build our online presence, we ask that all of our customers leave us reviews on Facebook and Google to continue to improve and serve our customers to the best of our ability. We believe transparency is a cornerstone of good business etiquette.

We encourage prospective clients to reach out to us with any questions or concerns for more information regarding our services. We provide countless offerings, all contingent on what your specific roofing needs are. If it’s an annual inspection or emergency roof repairs Phoenix residents needed yesterday, our roof repair experts have you covered. Call us today, and we’ll schedule your risk-free consultation.

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